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A women’s community and membership founded on the concept that  deep meaningful conversations, around slightly taboo topics lead to lite hearted networking and authentic friendships.

The place you can create your own Belonging.

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The Revolutionary New Way to Connect with Likeminded Women in Copenhagen

The Sisterhood is a community created for women who want a place to belong in Copenhagen.

Skip the BS small talk + have deep meaningful conversations instantly, forge authentic connections, talk about taboo topics and get holistic personal and professional support.

Membership opens quarterly, learn more below.


Whether you're new to the city, have lived here most your life or are returning from some time abroad. 


Whether you're looking to pop in for a well curated gathering or are looking for long term connections.


Whether you're a mama, a student, a divorcee, have green hair, big dreams of growing your brand or want a more simple life;


You Belong Here.

TSC is founded on the idea that an intentional conversation, around a slightly taboo topic with agreements in place to create a field of safety, creates the opportunity for deep meaningful connections, lite hearted networking and actual authentic connections to be forged.

Discover new collaboration opportunities, skill share across industries, deepen your personal growth and cultivate new 'real' friendships, when you become a part of our community.

Our core values of self-responsibility, integrity, honesty, openness and 'collaboration over competition' cultivate a thriving sisterhood of women who actually show up for one another.

Experience the ease of connection and the thrill of belonging when you take a seat inside of the next Open Circle.


Pop your name on the waitlist below to receive notice when Open Circles are available for booking. The Sisterhood is accessible via Membership (opens quarterly) or via an Open Circle which can be booked from the waiting pool below.

Join The Waiting Pool and receive first access to the benefits of The Sisterhood Membership - Next Cohorts Opens in June

The 'waitlist" is not designed to keep anyone out who desires to join us, it's more of a waiting "pool" where we can send emails directly to your inboxes with announcements of new events, open membership cohorts and other community related news, because you just never know when social platforms will go whacko.

Joining the waiting pool does not guarantee you a spot inside of The Sisterhood, however, you will be able to sign up through the emails sent there. Keep an eye on your inbox! 

In the mean time, you can join a complimentary community event and check out the details of Membership below.

Read more about membership into The Sisterhood here.

Thanks for expressing interest, we will be in touch!

In this fast paced - hustle culture - networking with an agenda, competitive world we live in, so many women are craving something... 


Something more real, authentic and bold.


Something more intentional, more meaningful 

and something more satisfying on all levels.

~ spiritually ~ energetically ~ abundantly ~

That missing 'something' is Sisterhood.



If you're not a Member of The Sisterhood you can book an Introductory Seat inside one of our Signature Sisterhood Circles or a Complimentary Community Event.

Engage openly with like-minded women, gain new insights and perspectives.


Fully immerse yourself in this safe sisterhood space; leave feeling inspired, open to new possibilities, and with new connections!


What to bring? An open heart and mind. Book for you and a friend or come alone.


Please plan to stay for the entire two hour session.

These circles are open to Members first, then remaining seats will be open via email to the waiting pool (aprox. 2 - 3 weeks prior to event) if spaces remain.

Terms of Service

Upcoming Open Circles

  • Creativity + Self Expression, Open Circle May
    Creativity + Self Expression, Open Circle May
    ons. 15. maj
    Location is TBD
    15. maj 2024, 18.00 – 20.00
    Location is TBD
    15. maj 2024, 18.00 – 20.00
    Location is TBD
    Join for our larger monthly gatherings - where we discuss slightly taboo topics with a larger group of women. Included in Membership or via Intro Ticket
  • Sensuality + Relationship, Open Circle June
    Sensuality + Relationship, Open Circle June
    ons. 12. jun.
    Location is TBD
    12. jun. 2024, 18.00 – 20.00
    Location is TBD
    12. jun. 2024, 18.00 – 20.00
    Location is TBD
    Join for our larger monthly gatherings - where we discuss slightly taboo topics in a larger group setting. In partnership with Soho House Copenhagen. Included in Membership or via Intro Ticket


A revolutionary 8-week guided group journey to holistic inner + outer healing. Learn to feel more confident, clear and self loving, while gaining new perspectives, tools and practices to elevate your life holistically. For the 'into personal growth' woman who is ready to step into her highest most aligned self alongside new soul-sister level friendship. Access to One Thirty Labs - closed group setting and 1:1 mentorship available inside of this group program.

In collaboration with One Thirty Labs.

Limited Spots Available

Starts August 2024

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