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Let Your Feminine Lead, The Decision Formula Workshop


125 DKK


90 Minute Workshop

About the Course

This 90 minute workshop will guide you through the three hang up's of operating out of alignment. Give you a simple and clear framework to start listening to your body, and allowing your feminine to lead you.

Overcome overwhelm or decision fatigue by getting clear on your values and letting go of 'non serving' beliefs or behaviors, that may be in the way from you living your most aligned, abundant life.

The Workshop Covers:

  • The Three Hang Up's

  • Getting Clear on Your Vision and Values

  • The Decision Framework (hello no more overwhelming big decisions!)

  • Harnessing The Power of Your Cycle

  • Setting Your Lighthouse

It's SO jam packed -- grab your notebook babes, let's go!

Your Instructor

Victoria Lützhøft

Holistic Life + Purpose Coach Victoria Lutzhoft

Victoria Lützhøft
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