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Going through major life changes like becoming a mother, getting married, moving, changing jobs or going through a break up can be lonely.

However, there is another way; healing in community.

The revolutionary inner and outer holistic healing program The Glow Up
in partnership with One Thirty Labs.

Image by Artem Kovalev

You weren't born to suffer silently, alone in your cubical babe.

Social media and society set false standards for women's success, making it hard to achieve while staying true to ourselves.


Without realizing it, we can neglect an area of life and this drains energy; hinders our goals, keeps ups from feeling truly satisfied and successful.


We get it, you're a busy mama, business woman, having just moved or gone through another big life transition like marriage or a break up and aren't quiet feeling yourself these days.

It can be hard to navigate through the noise of the internet and what workout regime is best, how many self care things you should be doing a week / month and how the heck do you balance it all while also being successful in your career?

What if there was just one place you could go for everything?

What if there was someone, just like you a busy woman, who has learned to harness her power, ride the waves of the feminine - while traveling the world, having a balanced and holistically healthy live - that was willing to walk with you?

For women ready for radical change. That's both smart, simple and sustainable.

Dive into your inner and outer healing journey with holistic life coach and founder of The Sisterhood Victoria C. Lutzhoft, entrepreneur and Founder of One Thirty Labs Tine Hertz.

Your guides have over a combined 30+ years of cultivated trainings and knowledge, and have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into their health, mental well being and personal development. Together, these women are committed to helping you change your belief systems, get simple and sustainable self care structures in place so that you can thrive alongside them.

This program is an intensive 'kickstart' to an overall life change. Over the course of our time together; you will deepen your self awareness, spend time actively changing limiting beliefs, up level your self care regimen and get a much needed boost to your health journey.


By dedicating time, energy and resources to yourself in this way you will updoubtily be glowing from the inside out. But nothing changes in nothing changes.

Learn new revolutionary practices for combating overwhelm, tools to support your overall wellbeing, and move from self-help books to self-healing. Through practical teaching sessions with guest experts, intimate group sharing circles, 1:1 coaching support and access to the facilities at One Thirty Labs, you will unlock a more embodied, alive and thriving version of you.


For the self-aware woman who are into personal growth and is ready to move out of ‘theory’ and into embodying the changes you desire. 

SO that other women will look at you and think to themselves; "I'll have what she's having"

SISTERHOOD HANDOUTS  copy_edited.jpg

If you are interested in self development, ready to take your health in your own hands and are searching for community;

The Glow Up is here.

We have taken what works with scientifically backed treatments, combining deep meaningful conversations 

and creating a space for a whole life up level;

~ spiritually ~ energetically ~ physically ~

You don't have to do it alone, babe!


3 Months of Community Support & Private Group Chat


6 Closed Group Sessions (specific dates shared w/ registered participants)

  • Welcome Session

  • Group Session

  • Embodiment Session 

  • Group Session

  • Embodiment Session

  • Completion Session 

3 Months Access Upgraded Health Membership to One Thirty Labs

3 Months Access to The Sisterhood Copenhagen Open Circles

Mentoring from Founder Tine Hertz of One Thirty Labs and Victoria Lutzhoft of The Sisterhood Copenhagen

An intimate tribe of likeminded women to connect with, be inspired by and grow along side. Plus resonant guest sessions for tools, tips and practices to elevate your healing journey.

We begin in mid-August after the summer holiday in Denmark.

(specific dates shared with enrolled participants)

Program fee that includes everything mentioned above; 15.000 dkk (installments available)


However, if you join before 15 June, you can secure your seat for only 12.000 dkk

Yes - that's a 3.000 dkk savings! ​And there are a couple incredible Early Action Bonuses Available!

​Bonus MONTH ACCESS to The Sisterhood Membership (395 dkk bonus) ** to start July 2024

Bonus MONTH Membership to One Thirty Labs (2.295 dkk bonus) ** to start July 2024

Total value of this bonus is over 5.500dkk

The Pay in Full Price is 12.000 dkk until 15 June! Then it will increase to 15.000 dkk (installments available for Early Action Pricing)

Apply for the Glow Up - August 2024
Best Day for Group Sessons

Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you soon.

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