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The badass woman who wants to feel fully free, alive and electric in her relationship...

This feminine leadership program is for the

self-sustainer, the stay-at-homer and the corporate baddie ready to reclaim her voice & feel empowered in your everyday life, love and intimate connections.

Why Your Relationships?

Let's face it, there are about a million and one coaches, programs and courses available right now. But you're here. 

Reading this, feeling called to something.


What that thing likely is, is a part of you that's been told to be quiet.


To play small.

Not speak up.

Keep your ideas to yourself

I'm so done with that. And I'm not angry about it. I'm lit up, a fire - burning ready to give more women tools to express themselves loudly and proudly, get your brilliant ideas and your delicious desires met, heard and seen.

The change we starts within.

So, let's start in the home.

Navigating, maintaining and evolving your intimate relationships, whether that's with a partner, a family member, a child or friend ... is profound work.

Our families can trigger the fuck out of us.


You are a brave, bold woman, taking on the challenge of following your feminine instincts, reconditioning from the way society said 'you should'

You're doing it.

And you don't have to do it alone.


For the woman who is in the practice of trusting her feminine -- 

Ready to feel more free in your relationships

Ready to make more money and expand your impact

Ready to connect more clearly to your truth 

-- the world doesn't need you to become a coach ... the world needs YOUR revolution, right where you are!

In your office, your school, your house, your friend circle, your family ... THE CHANGE YOU SEEK IN YOUR LIFE, IS WAITING FOR YOU TO MAKE IT. 


If not you ... then who?

10 weeks of high level group support for women who don't fuck around when it comes to their life, love and connections.

If you're lit up ready to lead a revolution in your life right now,

you can join us and save over $1,000 on your The Revolutionary Woman: Relationship Edition or you can wait for the public launch in January 2023 when there may be more details and the price will increase  ... or

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