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Life Coaching provides personal guidance, training and tools which challenge you to re-think what is possible in your life and to gain access to your personal best. This may be in any area, including relationships, business, personal dreams, career, or overall life questions.

Certainly, you have done your best with what you already know. You may have even consulted with professionals, read books, attended seminars, and/or attended classes to get the right advice, perspective or information.


The outcome, though incrementally better, is not always satisfying.

Coaching with Victoria is designed to break through what is normal or predictable for you. Coaching provides access to that which is unpredictable, unknown and discontinuous with your past experiences.


Like an Olympic champion, you have a coach to reach what seems unattainable.

Indeed, breakthrough results do not come from simply trying harder or being in the right place at the right time.


Personal transformation comes from your commitment and being in action with your coach as your guide. You speak, listen, do the shifts to create the results. You are accomplishing from a new awareness in your life.


No longer confined to reacting or acting from the past, you are able to create a powerful future.

Coaching works with women who are interested in a once-and-for-all shift in a particular area of their life.


The shift is permanent and alters who you are now and in the future. You are able to see and to take action from a new and powerful place in your life.


You are able to attain, have and keep what you really want.


I know you are hungry to help others, to start living a life that fuels your work, not the other way around. You want to feel free and fully expressed. I'm so excited you are here, get ready to jump into the vortex that comes when you say yes to working together!

I serve your with solutions that I see are possible, it's up to you to implement and make them.

I work with lit up, self-responsible women who are committed to creating really epic shit in this world and desire some guidance on how to do that in the most aligned, pleasurable, and fun way that is unique to you.

I'm so glad you are here!

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