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Are you over small talk and ready to connect with real women beyond the fluff?


Do you crave a space where your differences are celebrated?


Where taboo topics like money, sex and business are talked about freely?


Are you in search of supportive female friendships, women to grow along side of  and ready to expand your community in Copenhagen?

If you're nodding along, then you are in the right place sister!



Sisterhood circle March_20.jpg

Become a Member

This is for you if you've been longing to create more deep, honest, and long lasting connections here in Copenhagen.

This is for you if you’re craving a space to open up without being judged, where you can be understood, exchange your knowledge and share skills with other women.


This is for you in you enjoy our larger Sisterhood Circles or collaboration gatherings and are looking for something more intimate, long term, that includes a little bit of everything!

This is a six month commitment for women who want to go deeper, who are open to skill sharing and collaborating and are ready to grow their community in Copenhagen.

What's Included

Access to The Sisterhood Copenhagen Community, you commit to a minimum of 6 months when joining.

Introductory Cohort Kickoff Meeting - you must attend this welcome event with your cohort to be introduced to The Sisterhood **date shared below

Access to Member's Only Meetings(aprox 3-4 month)

Choose from a variety of days / times over the month for a 2 hour intimate group of Member only Circles for deeper connecting based on the month's theme, with ~ 10-15  women 

Access to Open Circles and Larger Community Gathering (aprox 1-2 month)

Partnered events with our Signature Circle Framework for sharing, connecting + lite networking around a specific theme with ~ 40 -50 women depending on the gathering style

Member's App to keep track of your events, new connections and chat with members!

NOTES: Just like a yoga class you must book yourself a seat inside of any of the events including; Members Only Circles, Open Circles etc. It is not guaranteed or added to your calendar when you join the Membership

First access to collaborations, other gatherings, day retreats, community gatherings etc The Sisterhood hosts in partnership with other brands or businesses.

Wait, there's more

This is the base level of membership access and gatherings available. There is an opportunity as a Member to become a Member Host. 

As a Member Host you get to facilitate Member Only Circle's after attending a Host Training Event.

This is a place to bring your ideas, your voices and desires.

The number of gatherings included per month is set to not overwhelm your life and calendar as we know so many of you are busy and have abundant social lives. But be a starting point to connect with the women and coordinate social hangs, spontaneous dips and cold plunges and more!


There is so much room for creation and possibility inside of this community - so let's play!

Why Membership?

We love gathering with a larger group of women in our Open Circles, and we've been listening to you women who desire a deeper connection with a more intimate group of likeminded women.


Networking groups are great but can be a little one dimensional. Connecting over coffee's 1:1 are fantastic, but a bit overwhelming to the calendar, right?


That's why, we've created the membership. To take the pressure off of having to find women after a yoga class to connect with.

To reduce the 'time spent friend dating' around ... and have a high quality pool of women you can play, grow, connect and belong with.

For the women who are ready to create their own Belonging in Copenhagen.


The membership is open to creatives and professional women alike; who are wanting to share, listen & learn alongside likeminded women.


This group is open to expats + native Danes, whether you're new to the city or have lived here all your life.

Your Commitment

When you join the membership you commit for 6 months.

This provides you the opportunity to really sink in with one another, to talk about a wide variety of topics and to move through the seasons and cycles of life together.

The financial investment is 2,370 dkk or you can pay in monthly installments of 395 dkk / month. You are able to terminate your membership after six months with a written notice to (at least one month prior notice) your membership will cancel the next billing cycle.

Your Membership access will give you a seat inside of at least one (1) of our Member Only Meetings per month and one (1) Open Circle or Larger Community Gathering per month. This is not automatically added as you will need to register your attendance for the gatherings you're joining, just like a yoga class, it is not guaranteed you to have a seat unless you book at the time seats become available.

When you join the Membership, you commit to showing up to our monthly member's gathering + sisterhood circles, to engage on our community channel within your range, to take self-responsibility for your experience and not engage in gossip or negative talk about any other member, belief system or organization.

This is for you if;

You are ready to commit financially and energetically to show up, not only for yourself but for your fellow members as well.


While attendance is not required, you will generate the most value of your membership by making these meetings a priority.

You are available for skill sharing, collaborations & supporting other women, as is resonant for you.

You are ready to go deeper with a more intimate group of women, you are willing to take personal responsibility and show up with an open heart.

Important Dates

Membership Opens for Enrollment

27 May 10.00 New Member Seats Open


^^ First come first serve to the Waiting Pool (there are over 700 women)

June Cohort Introduction Gathering

4 Tuesday June 17.00 - REQUIRED FOR ALL NEW MEMBERS 


June Theme: Sensuality + Relationship

Wednesday 12th - Open Circle 18.00 - 20.00 

Open Circles are 3rd Wednesday of the month

Member's Only Meetings vary time and day (there are 3-4 Member's Only events per month you can choose from!)

Plus, pop up community events, weekend getaways and retreats (not included in membership but you will get first access)

Dates are released on a rolling quarterly basis and open for booking approximately 1 month prior.

**You must sign up for individual events / circles, just as you would a yoga or workout class. Your Membership serves as access but it is not guaranteed you have a seat unless you book when they become available.

**All dates and subject to change or adjust slightly, due to weather, venues, sickness etc all changes will be reflected on the Member's App.

Ready to Claim Your Seat?

Membership Details and Policies

Please read in full before you purchase.

The Membership Fee for 2024 is 2.370 dkk.

You can choose to pay in 6 monthly installments or in full with a discount.

When joining with monthly installments you agree to six (monthly) payments of 395 dkk

 There are no refunds given if sessions are missed.

** Your membership will continue after the six month period unless you write to to terminate. You must give notice to terminate one month prior. Meaning if you wish to complete in September - you need to write by 15th August latest, your membership will then be terminated after your 6th and final payment.

** If you choose to pay in full, you will be emailed approximately one month to the end of your first 6 months commitment to continue your membership. 

When you choose your membership payment option below, you will be prompted to sign in and fill out a brief application. This is not to reject anyone, or keep anyone out necessarily, but this is in service to the quality and caliber of community we desire to create.

If you have any questions you're welcome to email

Please review our complete policies below.

You agree to the full terms of service by purchasing your membership to The Sisterhood Copenhagen.

Terms of Service


No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

Process & Policies Expanded

This community is a beautiful growing and evolving organism that is bound to transform over the coming months and years, we are grateful for your participation and patiences.

We have a ZERO tolerance for gossip, discrimination any forms of coercion or oppression of an individual or group.

There is a 48 hour expected response time on emails and communications with The Sisterhood Copenhagen.


All processes and policies, terms of service and photography are updated as of April 1, 2024 and will be revisited as we grow and evolve.

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