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Holistic Group Healing Program in collaboration with One Thirty Labs 

Dive into your inner and outer healing journey with holistic life coach and founder of The Sisterhood Victoria C. Lutzhoft, entrepreneur and Founder of One Thirty Labs Tine Hertz.

Over the course of our time together, you will deepen your self awareness, spend time actively changing limiting beliefs, uplevel your work out regimen and self care structures.


By dedicating time, energy and resources to yourself in this way you will updoubtily be glowing from the inside out. 

Learn new revolutionary practices for combating overwhelm, tools to support your overall wellbeing, and move from self-help books to self-healing. Through practical teaching sessions with guest experts, intimate group sharing circles, 1:1 coaching support and access to the facilities at One Thirty Labs, you will unlock a more embodied, alive and thriving version of you.


For the self-aware woman who are into personal growth and is ready to move out of ‘theory’ and into embodying the changes you desire. 


Nothing changes if nothing changes.


Dedicate 90 days to a holistic healing program in community that will help you move away from chronic overwhelm, loneliness and struggle into a version of you so tapped in to her intuition and strengths, motivated by making sustainable changes and more in love with your life. 


Meet new people to expand your horizons both personally and professinoally. When you leave your comfort zone together to embark on this healing journey you will forge lasting and deep relationships with other women who are commited to their own inner glow-th.



3 Months of Community Support & a Private Group connection channel w/ this intimate group of sisters ~ 1.500 dkk value 


6 Closed Group Sessions (dates will be shared with enrolled participants by early July) ~ 3.500 dkk value 

  • Welcome Session

  • Group Session

  • Emboidment Session 

  • Group Session

  • Embodiment Session

  • Completion Session 

3 Months Access Upgraded Health Membership to One Thirty Labs (normally only available for 6 months period) ~ 6,885 dkk value

3 Months Access to The Sisterhood Copenhagen Membership ~ 1.185 dkk value

Mentoring from Founder Tine Hertz of One Thirty Labs and Victoria Lutzhoft of The Sisterhood Copenhagen ~ valued at over 30.000dkk 

An intimate tribe of likeminded sisters to connect with, be inspired by and 'glow up' along side ~ priceless! 

If we tried to total up the program and all its inclusions it's valued over 40.500dkk!! 


However, if you join before May 31st 2024 you can secure your seat for only 12.000dkk! The price will increase to 15.000dkk on June 1st.

Yes - that's a 3.000 dkk savings! 

This is available for an intimate group of women so that each woman will have dedicated time and spare to connect with one another and be supported by both Victoria and Tine.

The Glow Up starts in the beginning of August after the summer holiday in Denmark

But if you think you are ready to join The Glow Up NOW and want to secure your spot in this intimate group of highly aware women, you can apply below and there are two options to do so;

And there are a couple incredible Early Action Bonuses Available!


If you decide you are ready for The Glow Up now and decide to pay in full, you will receive; 

Bonus 1:1 Holistic Coaching Session (in person or virtual)  CAN BE USED AS SOON AS YOU PURCHASE (2.250 dkk bonus)

Bonus MONTH ACCESS to The Sisterhood Membership (395 dkk bonus) ** to start June / July 2024

Bonus MONTH Membership to One Thirty Labs (2.295 dkk bonus) ** to start June / July 2024

Total value of this bonus is over 5.500dkk

The Pay in Full Price is 12.000 dkk until May 31st! Then it will increase to 15.000 dkk



The other option is to start with a deposit of 2.200dkk and five payments monthly (for the next 5 consecutive months) will follow; you will receive


Bonus MONTH ACCESS to The Sisterhood Membership (395 dkk bonus) ** to start June / July 2024

Bonus MONTH Membership to One Thirty Labs (2.295 dkk bonus) ** to start June / July 2024

If you are not sure at this time, that is totally okay too, you can still apply below and ask for a complimentary conversation to support you.

By submitting an application you understand a spot is not guaranteed inside of The Glow Up. Upon review of your application, payment details will be sent. Those payment details reflect our full terms and agreements.

You may review the full Terms of Purchase here prior to purchase.

Apply for the Glow Up - August 2024
Best Day for Group Sessons

Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you soon.

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