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The Sisterhood Circle Facilitator Training Program

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This virtual program will provide you with the basic tools, knowledge and skills to facilitate deep and meaningful conversations and start hosting women's circles. Learning to cultivate a community that naturally invites connections, is a space for belonging and network opportunities for all involved is a skill that, through practice, mentorship and guidance, one can Whether you become a host inside of The Sisterhood or start your own women's group in your home city / country, This program aims to prepare you with the foundations to get you started and a community for you to connect with on your journey. There are of course no guaranteed results with this program, you will be encouraged and invited to start hosting through this program but we cannot guarantee any specific results as individual situations may vary. THIS PROGRAM WILL HELP ANSWER SOME OF THE QUESTIONS: What to do at the circle? Who to invite/ how to invite people? What makes a gathering feel special? How to stay authentic, gain funding or access to needed resources such as hosting space, common mistakes to avoid AND WILL PROVIDE SOME OF THE BASIC INFORMATION LIKE:And will provide some of the basics like: A jump start your group toolkit with possible topics prompts A guide on how to organize the sessions how to contact people and how to organize the finances SO THAT AT THE END OF THE 8 WEEKS TOGETHER YOU WILL FEEL: empowered and confident to get started, host your own circle (whether part of The Sisterhood CPH) or in your own area! ALL OF THE 7 LIVE GROUP SESSIONS WILL BE RECORDED AND UPLOADED TO THE PROGRAM PORTAL WITHIN 24 HOURS

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3.300,00 kr.
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From 1.133,00 kr./month

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