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How I Got Into This Work | My Story Part One

I spent most of my life having feelings bigger than my body could hold.

I didn’t know how to handle them …

My parents divorced when I was 7, we moved back to my mom’s hometown. I experienced a lot of pain, sadness and fear.

I decided to go to boarding school age of 14, to try something different.

I picked up coping mechanisms, like drinking to numb the sensations.

This continued heavily into college and after, while I also did a ton of work with chiropractors and doctors because

I was experiencing chronic body pain for nearly 10 years due to the inflammation and stuck energy in my body … I would come to find this out, but at that point in 2012-2014 when it was at it’s worse, I had no idea.

I felt helpless. I thought I would need to get surgery or suffer like this for the rest of my life.

I was 24.

I was unsatisfied with my life. I felt directionless in my career. I couldn’t even enjoy the numbing anymore because it came with so much suffering.

In the summer of 2016, I decided to try something different. I had always wanted to move to California and an opportunity presented itself, so I took it.

I boarded a plane for San Francisco in July of 2016.

I wasn’t working so I decided to try something else to keep me busy and dove head first into a body of healing work dedicated to feeling sensations. Holy shit!

Little did I know that when I walked through the doors of my first week long retreat on September 17th 2016 …

That my entire life would change.

Like for part two - the beginning of my relationship with Anders!

Check out the reel I made on Instagram here.

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