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1. The Lelo Sila Cruise One -

- For a busy mama and someone who know's what she likes and how she likes it, the Lelo toys do not disappoint, like ever. I am the proud owner of both the Sona Cruise Two and now the Sila. I prefer the wider 'mouth' on the Sila, but for what it's worth the suction function on both and variety of tempos ... are just fa la la la la fantastic! It's not a vibrator and while I recommend having a baseline self pleasure practice before introducing any toys ... these have been some of my favorite additions.

2. Higher Dose INFRARED Sauna Blanket -

- I bought this last year when I was in Northern Michigan for the winter, LURVED it. I can't believe I've lived a whole year nearly without this thing. It's perfect for warming up after a chilly walk, perfect space for a Yoga Nidra or OMG, sweating out the countless sniffles and germs my little one is bringing home.

- Honestly wasn't even sure what this was when I bought it, the design and packaging totally suckered me in the isles of Target. It's not quiet a lotion, not quiet a pain relief stick, not quiet ... anything, and somehow I still find myself rubbing it all over my face next and body whenever I feel a bit dry. Was great for the flight home and wonderful for post workout.

4. Adultery by Paulo Coelho - (go to your local small bookstore!)

- I just picked this book up on my recent trip to the US, so I'm only part way into it (something I'm known for, liking something and instantly sharing it!) but the writing and storyline instantly spoke to me, a woman who feels like she's doing all the right things and still... wants more. I think it's also fascinating because inside of my relationship, there is no way we could cheat on one another. We have the foundation on which we can share our desires or 'naughty thoughts' with one another, and be met with approval and openness.

5. Secret Shuffle -

- Fucking HILARIOUS game we played with my family over Christmas. For big laughs, lots of movement (helpful after eating as much as we did) and cutting loose ... cannot recommend this creative app enough! Worth paying for 10/10.

Any questions? Feel free to shoot me an email

I am by no way endorsing these products for you, take each with a grain of salt. I do not make any money when you shop through these links, and have simply google searched for reference, please do your own research if you intend to buy for yourself or another.

See you next month!

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