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The Evolution of My Work

What four years of my entrepreneurial journey looked like, (hint hint, it was all the fuck over the place!)

My last “job” was working in a retail store in Charleston SC until I quit to move to San Francisco in the summer of 2016. I quit because after nine months they still wouldn't promote me to manager ... I was banging my head against the wall bored but I also, didn't really know what else I should be doing.

Once I got to California, I dove head first into my healing journey and spent the next 1.5 years consuming courses, doing immersive experiences, traveling with groups to find my "purpose"and learning about myself as much as I could.

It was all great and wonderful but I still wasn't making much money or really feeling purposeful. Even after the leadership and purpose intensive I took ... a whole week and I didn't come out with a CLEAR PURPOSE?!

In the spring of 2017, I started volunteering at a retreat center to do something with all of this new found energy I had access since stopping drinking. Then I was hired to help run the leadership program, eventually, I stepped more into my own leadership there and by the time I left in October of 2017 I had worked myself up to a very fancy title of President. -lol-

Someone trusted me enough to oversee a retreat center with 300+ acres, animals, staff and events with hundreds of people — this was my first real taste of seeing what I was truly capable of holding. And I had no idea what I was doing ha!

I loved it though, it stretched me ANNNNDD it was a lot to hold. I was working more then I ever had, moving my body more then I ever had and come to find out, was not sustaining myself very well.

I left that place completely burned out. I stretched myself to the limits, far beyond what I had ever been challenged with before, I knew needed to slowdown and replenish and do some healing but I also longed for that sense of direction and purpose I felt being at the helm of something bigger then myself.

My cortisol and adrenal levels were completely shot, I did an intensive homeopathic regiment and started connecting to my body again in a whole new way. Sober too!

Anders and I decided to create something together so we started designing a line of t-shirts with “real un-inspirational thoughts” on them in an attempt to bring those inner negative voices we all experience the outside world and evoke a conversation. -lol-

It never took off. But I still think will come back in some way ... everything seems to that I create! Can anyone remember the name?

Back to the drawing board! ... I was supporting my friends new retreat business, doing some social media management something or other on the side and joined a network marketing company all between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018.

Spring of 2018 I was desperate for something of my own, so I followed a friends recommendation to work with a coach who helped her start up and scale her coaching business.

I invested $6,000 dollars before ever making a cent in my business.

I went on to coach a few women one to one, ran one 4 month program with 4 women and knew I had something here, but couldn’t quite get it off the ground.

One of the most pivotal things that happened during this time was a download I received from spirit in the form of an exercise/ experience, I called the Me Map.

I started leading workshops in my friend backyard doing this process, even took it on the road to Vermont and Copenhagen! I really felt like I had something here... but it wasn't much yet, I couldn't really see where it was going but I kept following the next right resonant thing.

I took on a part time job of creating a CRM system for a small product based business in the beginning of 2019, I was traveling back and forth to Denmark, hosting events and growing my network marketing business, still deeplyyyyy feeling called to create something bigger then myself ... but I just couldn't figure out what!

I had my hands in a lot of pots at that point and I was was at the beginning of another very important creation.


When I got pregnant, I had my line in the sand moment.

I realized that if I wanted to be able to tell my daughter truthfully that she could be whatever she wanted to be, then I had to be willing to go for it too.

So I committed. I went all in on my coaching business. I quit everything else. Let it all go, despite the fear, the voices of lack and scarcity ... I brought them with me, but I didn't let them drive anymore. I turned my focus inward and listened to the voice that knew.

Want to hear what happened since? How I've generated over $250K in the last 2.5 years ...

Comment YES below for part two!

All of this and more is what I pour into The Confident Creative -- we kickoff October 4th!

Are you coming with us?

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